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About the agency

• Product campaigns Blue Winston
• Creating and managing campaigns
• Optimize campaigns and improve results
• Analysis and evaluation of campaigns
• PPC campaigns in Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook / Instagram Ads and price comparators
• I propose a strategy to clients individually, to achieve the set goals in a short time

At the Emcubio digital agency, we provide comprehensive marketing services. We focus on a long-term strategy, our goal is long-term growth of the client in the online environment. We do not take our work only as work, we enjoy achieving results and sales for our clients. As a full-service agency, we specialize in performance marketing, branding, social network management, marketing in price comparators, search engine optimization, copywriting, UI design, website programming, and custom e-shops.

We approach each client individually. The basis for us is an understanding of the client’s business and the goals he plans to achieve as well as the expectations of potential customers and the target group. In marketing activities, we take into account, improve, and evaluate the effectiveness of all channels. The customer’s purchasing process and journey begins with marketing activities and does not end with buying or gaining a lead. If we find a weak point, it is in our interest to optimize processes, improve the conversion rate, and coordinate activities so that sales get the most out of leads.

When implementing projects, we are used to giving clients valuable business improvements based on the data and behavior of users or customers that we acquire during the implementation of projects.

We enjoy learning, introducing new trends and automation. We are convinced that only through an active approach can we improve the results achieved and thus achieve mutual growth with the client.

Ondrej Vavrík
Ondrej VavríkDigital Marketing Specialist