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agentura KOFEIN s.r.o.
Voctářova 2500
180 00 Praha 8-Palmovka
Czech republic

Web: kofein.cz
Questions: [email protected]
Other: [email protected]

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What do we offer

We are not an online marketing agency with a wide range of services. We can’t do a little bit of everything, but we are specialists in PPC advertising. It’s our world, and we stand by the quality of our work.

We always honor the principles of full transparency and fairness.

Your goals and campaign effectiveness are key to us. Leave us a message and see what we can offer for your campaigns.

Our strengths:
● Agency with the largest PPC team in the country
● Leader in performance PPC advertising
● We execute advertising around the world
● Premier Google partner – highest level of support for clients
● Meta partner – highest level of support for clients
● Sklik.cz – partner – highest level of support for clients
● Heureka partner – highest level of support for clients
● Microsoft Ads campaigns

We manage Czech and foreign brands
Our clients are not just numbers. We build partnerships and long-term brand development.

Healthy company – for nature and people
KOFEIN sees the need to protect the health of our planet and employees. At the same time, as a company we choose our clients according to our code of ethics, which excludes cooperation with companies that manufacture weapons, sell tobacco products or products with potential addiction.

Milan Vaníček
Milan Vaníček