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Radostin Shavov
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Sofia 1700
1st Universitetski park str.

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Recommends BlueWinston

As Google Shopping campaign is not enabled in our country, I was looking for a similar service that allows advertisers to create text ads when someone is searching for a particular item model number or code. I found BlueWinston to be exactly what I needed. The platform itself is really convenient and professional. It takes minutes to publish and automate hundreds or even thousands of ads. All you need is an XML feed of your products.

What can I help you with:

I am a Google certified professional with more than 15 years of experience. I started with Google Adwords in 2006 as my first-time job and since then it has become an is an integral part of my career. A few years later I founded a digital agency specializing in online marketing and web development.