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Stepan Dolejsi

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Why I recommend BlueWinston.com

I often work with accounts that contain hundreds or even thousands of products. I can’t do it without campaign automation software. BlueWinston does this task perfectly. It’s simple, intuitive, and saves a lot of time.

What do I offer:

My field of work is digital marketing. I mainly focus on managing online advertising campaigns for small and medium-sized companies, especially e-shops. I have the most experience in managing campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Sklik. My job is to get to know and understand the problems your business is facing and propose solutions to solve them as efficiently as possible. Marketing in an online environment can be grasped in many different ways, there are a plethora of tools. If you choose the wrong tools and inappropriate methods, at best you’ll be stuck and drowning a lot of money. At worst, you will lose your business. I’ll help you choose the tools, advertising channels and devise a marketing strategy to break out of the loop of dysfunctional and outdated marketing practices. Together, with quality marketing, we will move your business higher, towards success.