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How to install BlueWinston’s Magento extension for Product Search & Shopping Ads on Google

In this article, we will talk about how to install BlueWinston extension for Magento. 

1. The first step is to install the module. You need to copy the “app” folder to the root address of Magento. You can download it here with the PDF tutorial.

2. Delete cache, log out and log in. After this, BlueWinston module is installed and ready for the configuration.

3. Log in to the Magento admin panel.

Magento admin panel login

4. In your Magento admin panel, find “Bluewinston -> Settings” and click on it.

Magento main menu

5. You need to add Google Ads ID and your Secret Key which you can find here. After that click on the right top corner “Save Config“.

6. The last step is to set up the attributes in the “Mapping properties to feed params” configuration. In the settings scroll down and choose which attribute you want to show in the Brands, Size, Color etc..

Magento attributes

If you want your last attribute to be showed in your feed, you need to go to the Catalog -> Attributes -> Choose one of the attributes (manufacturer for example) -> scroll down to the “Frontend Properties” -> Choose in the “Use In Layered Navigation” to “Filterable (with results)“.
Magento filter settings

You can see your feeds in the menu Bluewinston -> Feeds.

Note: If your feed is in “INTERRUPTED” don’t worry about it. It can happen sometimes when RAM memory is low and feed will automatically start and continue. It will automatically generate the remaining products or categories. 

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