• How to create text ads for Google Search, Ako vytvoriť primerané textové reklamy pre Google vyhľadávanie

How to create a decent text ads for Google Search

How would you proceed if you were interested in the engagement with new potential clients? In life, the first impression is the most important, and in the world of text ads it goes likewise. You are attempting to make an excellent first impression, to attract customer´s attention. The first displays of your webpage are always important.




You are having thoroughly adorned webpage, but what if nobody clicks neither your ad nor your linked website?

With regard to marketing of web search engines, it does not matter whether your webpage is good-looking, if people never reach it.

What attributes should your text ad meet to attract potential customers? It should be relevant, motivating, attractive, unique, concrete – coherent.

You are willing to sell your products to potential customers – what should be the first step? To have a user-friendly web with conversion optimization.


Surely you have heard of PPC or Pay per click ads.

These ads can be an effective way of coordinating the visits of your webpage. It is important to focus on one particular fact – click-through rate (CTR). People who spot your ad and afterwards click on your webpage are a percentage of click to display rate. Having many views without more clicks is, however, a sign that they perceive your ad, but it does not speak to them.

You might be thinking, why it is this way. Could it be, for instance, caused by non-suitable keyword offer?


If you were asking how to write a proper product ad, we are bringing you several tips, helping you to create convincing and more clickable text ads:


1. Highlight the benefits of your product / service

Why is your service excellent, outstanding? What makes your product unique? What benefits are you bringing to the users? If relevant for your target audience, include your benefits in the ad.

2. Introduce your uniqueness

How do you differ from the competition? Introduce this particular fact in your ad. (e.g. “free delivery to your doorstep”)

3. Do not forget about keywords

It is important to use a keyword – at least one, if not in the header, then in the paragraph. The user will notice, that the ad concerns him and the keywords in the text will be highlighted. The keywords, particularly, initiate the displays of your webpage

4. Use active verbs

When writing your PPC ads consider… imagine how is the user thinking while searching… I want to… and now is your turn to finish the sentence.

5. Mention the price point

If offering a products (services) with a competitive price, why not to emphasize it in your ad? You have to be, however, watchful and observe if the competition prices are not changing.

5. Call for action

In the position of ad creator, you have to tell the visitors of your page what to do (somewhere in the copy of your ad), such as: “Purchase this immediately.” … “Click here for more information.”

The call for action has to be strong and coherent, therefor use active verbs, or include time limit, e.g.: “Purchase today, the sale ends on Sunday!”

6. Create at least three ads per group

Why one ad is not enough? Because every person is interested in something else.

7.  Ad vs. landing page

In this step it is important to mind that the entering page (linked to your ad) must contain the products, elements, facts… that you have mentioned your ad. Otherwise the customer will not find what you were referring him to and he might leave the site.


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