Customers who haven’t bought anything? Remind them with remarketing campaigns!

Is your web visited by many people, but sometimes happens that they do not convert their visit to any conversion – purchase of the product? Try to remind them the product they have been looking at and convince them to buy it! Google Ads have been thinking of you even in this way and so have created a concept of dynamic remarketing.

Thanks to dynamic remarketing an ad of already viewed product will be displayed to your potential customers. In this article we will introduce you the steps to take when setting up a remarketing campaign.

What is needed for classic remarketing campaigns?

  • Link your account to the Google Merchant Center Account.
  • Create values of custom parameters for Tag Manager. How to get them? For instance, from cookies, the data layer, or custom Java Script.
  • Insert these values to remarketing tag in Tag Manager.
  • Specify triggers to activate this tag. They will inform Tag Manager when to fire individual indicators of the tag.
  • Thanks to preview feature of Tags manager, you can effectively test the settings.
  • Finally, deploy the settings.

You can take two approaches in creating the remarketing tag. Either you will take one tag per funnel step, or implementation using a single remarketing tag.

Add dynamic prospecting

Nowadays, you do not have to worry that the remarketing campaign would only approach the old customers. The system for dynamic prospecting puts together the user information and the product information to show the right product at the right time for customers, who might have already visited your webpage but haven’t done their purchase.

How to proceed?

  • Firstly, create service feed of all products that are being offered in your e-shop, including their details. Further on, the system will choose out of them when putting together a dynamic ad.
  • You need to add the tag with customized parameter to each page of your e-shop. So, you will add the customers to remarketing lists with product identification marks they have been looking at.
  • Create responsive text ads.
  • At last, in additional settings assign your campaign to the concrete service feed.

Target precisely…

…thanks to dynamic prospecting. When the system recognizes what the potential customer is searching for, it will try to link the basic characteristics with concrete product in your feed. The system therefore recognizes the details and evaluates the relevance to always display the most proper ad.


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