The acquisition may be perceived differently. It expresses the acquisition of a thing, a newly acquired person, a significant ownership interest or a merger of companies. However, this term is most often used in marketing.

How to understand acquisition in marketing?

We understand acquisition in marketing as a process of acquiring new customers. Acquiring new customers means convincing the consumer to buy a product or use a service that the company offers. The aim of this process is to maintain a constant increase in the number of new customers, which are gained through the use of various marketing activities.

Before you start reaching new customers, it’s a good idea to think about a strategy to follow. The most important thing is to identify the target group potential customers who could use your service or buy your product. Then you choose the appropriate method of collecting contacts and tools for communication with customers. Communication can take place directly or indirectly using various tools.

What are the tools for reaching potential customers?

One of the most effective tools for directly reaching new customers is telemarketing. It is carried out by telephone conversation with potential customers. However, it is important that the contacts are relevant. This means that you need to determine in advance what the target group of customers you want to reach.

Another activity for gaining new customers is, for example, e-mailing. It is a form of marketing that uses electronic mail to communicate with the customer. Its goal is to inform customers about news, arouse interest in products or services and build their trust. Email marketing still holds a very strong position despite the popularity of social networks.

Additional methods include loyalty programs, satisfied customer reviews, a free trial, and more.

How to choose the right acquisition channel?

Keep in mind that an acquisition channel that works well for one business may not achieve the same result for another business. There are several different tips that make it easier for you to work and determine the right acquisition channel for your business. The best way to find out what will work best is by trial and error, especially if you don’t have any historical data.

What are the acquisition costs?

It is important for any business not to spend more money on acquiring a customer than the customer spends when buying products or services. The price that the company has to pay for a new customer is called CAC. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of acquisition by the total number of new customers over a period of time. These costs are an important metric that every company must control.

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