Ad extensions

A Google ad consists of a headline, a description, and a landing page for which you have a limited number of characters. You can enrich this basic composition with more information by using ad extensions, which are a great way to make your ad more interesting and compelling to potential customers.

The main advantage of ads with extensions is that they can give you more visual space, which in turn brings in more clicks on your ad.

Ad extensions are available for free, which means you pay nothing to use them. If they are used, for example, if someone calls you by clicking on the button, you pay per click by default.

Where can you find ad extensions?

In Google Ads, you can find these ad extensions by clicking on “Ads and Extensions” and then selecting the “Extensions” subcategory.

Extension types

  • Extension to sub-site links
  • extension to descriptions
  • extension with structured excerpts
  • extension with telephone functions
  • address extension
  • price extension
  • extension by promo
  • application extension

Extensions to sub-site links

You can add site links extensions at the campaign, account, or ad group level. Sitelinks redirect users to specific pages on your site. The main benefit of extending site links is the ad space that you can use to help them get them for your marketing purposes.

However, keep in mind that sitelinks will not always appear with your ad, and the number of links displayed will vary. Most often, 2 to 4 sub-sitelinks appear, so we recommend that you add at least 6 sub-page extensions to your ads. Based on them, Google selects which ones are of interest to users and then displays them.

Description extensions

Description extensions take the form of several short texts to help make your ad a little more prominent. They allow you to add other benefits to your ads that don't fit in the text. They are also a great way to make sure your ads stand out and receive clicks without having to increase your budget.

We encourage you not to repeat the benefits you've already written in the text in your ad but think about others you can offer your customers. Add at least 6 description extensions to your ads so that they can rotate, as with sub-sitelink extensions.

Extension with structured snippets

Highlight specific aspects of your products or services with extensions for structured snippets. They appear below the text ad in the form of a header that Google provides in advance (eg service, brand, equipment, courses, etc.) and a list of values (eg specific phone brands - Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Lenovo, etc.)

The extension is relatively new and is not seen as often compared to other extensions, but we still recommend that you add at least one structured snippet extension to your ad.

Phone extensions

Phone extensions can be interesting for ads that appear to users on the phone. Thanks to the extension, you will give them the opportunity to connect with you immediately.

If you decide to add an extension to your ads, we recommend limiting your ads to time and day. This will ensure that your ads appear when you are ready to pick up the phone.

Address extension

By extending the address, you can also allow your business address or branch to appear in your ad. The extension will be beneficial for you if you target customers from around your company. If your ad appears on your phone, you can ensure that the user finds their way to you quickly and with the help of navigation.

Price extension

Price extensions can increase the value of your ads. They appear below the text ad and represent a group of 8 tabs. From the price offers, users can switch to a specific item that interested them in the ad. However, the disadvantage is that this extension is currently only available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, French, Japanese, and Italian.

Promo extension

Promo extensions appear below the ad as a bold label next to your text. If the user clicks on the extension, they will go directly to your promo offer. When expanding with a promo, you have opportunities and dates, such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Winter Sale, etc.

Application extension

Adding app extensions will allow you to add a link to a mobile or tablet app to your ad. This allows users to download the app right away in your ad.

At the end

Extensions don't always appear in the ad. They will appear if they have the potential to improve your ad performance or if your ad has a high enough position. You must achieve a minimum ad rating to see extensions. To achieve this, you may need to adjust your ad bid or quality.

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