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First of all, you don’t have to change the hours when your ads show. But by micromanaging time you can achieve more clicks and better conversion. To do this you will want to use this tool because, with it, you can adjust when you want to show ads. You can show your ads on certain days, during business hours, or on holidays depending on the products you are advertising.

How does it work?

The basic role of ad scheduling is:

  • Specification of certain hours or days of the week when you want to show your ads.
  • The setting of your bid values, to increase or decrease your bids for a specific time of the day or a week.

The default setting of Google Ads is set to show ads all day. With Ad Schedule, you can optimize this part of the advertisement and appear on the calendar as you wish. If your ads are showing all-day as it is the default, you will be showing ads every day, all month. When you optimize the ad schedule, if people don’t search for your keywords, the ads won’t show for them.

Benefits of Ad Schedule

If you have been working for a few months on your Google Ads account, now is the time to go into the Reports tab, then Dimensions and see what times and days can provide the most value for you.

Ad Schedule_google ads

You might think that distributing ads evenly every day of the month is better, but let me assure you that when you know the statistics of views, you can optimize your bids and start showing your products at the time they are searched the most.

There is a possibility that you won’t be seeing that much traffic as when you had ads all day, but an ad schedule is a powerful tool that has to be micromanaged a lot to show successful results.

How to determine the best time to run Google Ads

By learning to work with ad schedule you can increase your conversions when the audiences are most interested in your products. The most important thing to know about determining the best time is to know how to manage your ad budget.

Evenly spend your daily budget

Look in Google Analytics to see how you are spending your budget now. Here you should see information about the timeline of your spending.

If your spending is the same through the day you probably don’t need to make an ad schedule. But if you have one or two peak moments of spending, this kind of information is immensely useful, since you can reroute your spending to these hours so that ads show more and give you more conversions.

The way this optimization will work is like this:

  • In the lower viewed hours you should reduce the budget so that your ads show less but still have an option to be shown
  • In the higher viewed hours you should increase the budget so that you drive around your competition and show ads more to the potential new customers.

This way you can micromanage your ad time and get more customers to your store.

Why should you use time targeting?

Since Google Ads Schedule allows a high level of customization, you can learn here why and how to optimize the timing of your ads.

Having control of triggering ads

As you know, over some time ads develop conversion and performance trends. You can review those and see them for specific hours of a day, or days of a week. This is a crucial step in making a custom ad schedule since you have to know the right timing when to strike with your advertisement.

By learning this important data, you can see the difference across your campaigns depending on the budget, keywords, and other options that you have set.

Default advertising can get expensive if you leave it like that and don’t monitor the results. With time targeting you can ensure your budget won’t drain quickly since you have the ability to shoot out your ads at the time you input and this way, you can overcome the competition and generate more value.

Increased Ad Visibility for Relevant Audience

With Google Ads you are using paid advertising, so taking advantage of that is a crucial step you need to overcome. It is in your interest to provide ads to audiences that are more inclined to make a purchase of your product.

To achieve that, you can trigger your advertisement in a time of day, when your audiences are online. You should make sure to increase your budget in those specific times to increase the traffic.

Boost Local Businesses

This setting can be most beneficial for small or medium-sized businesses. Since they don’t have such a boundless budget as big corporations they depend on showing their ads only during open hours or in times when people are online.

This can be easily achieved by using an ad schedule. Take the time of the day when people are looking for similar products like yours the most and use that information to target them with your product ads.

Schedule Ads during High Converting Days

When you analyze your campaign data, you will be able to identify time periods that have a greater conversion rate. Use this knowledge to make smart decisions about when to display your products for potential consumers.

You can check those pieces of information on the Google Ads page in the dimensions tab.

Creating an Ad Schedule

Now that you know everything you need about making timed ads lets learn how to create them.
1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
2. On the left side, you should see the Ad schedule page.
3. Click on the pencil button and select a campaign to create an ad schedule for.
4. Select the days you want to make changes to and adjust the time.
5. Click save and see your changes on the Ad schedule page.
– You can only make six ad schedules per ad schedule page.

Creating an ad schedule in Google Ads

You can learn more about ad scheduling in this article.

When not to use scheduled ads?

Ads scheduling may not bring only positive sides. As we mentioned before, you have to work with long-term data and not rely on a “feeling”. If you notice your ads performance is not connected to any specific time, definitely don’t use ad schedule. You might end up losing more Potential customers than earning them.

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