API / Application Programming Interface

Explanation of API

API, or application programming interfaces, are actually all activities that help in creating software applications. They are also designed for communication between programs and interconnection of two applications used for cooperation. Using the API, developers can reduce fragmentation on the Internet and improve navigation in the system of connected websites or mobile applications.

Importance of API

  • The API allows developers to easily add new features to applications.
  • The API helps the company expand. By providing external developers with limited access to internal tools, API developers can increase the reach of both software and branding.
  • The API helps connect the Internet economy on behalf of users. Users support online behavior, for example, mapping data in e-commerce applications requires an API. This has made the API essential for users.

Use in practice:

  • YouTube video
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook Canvas API – used for promotional activities for Facebook ads
  • The Google Ads – API in GA helps you generate keywords, reports, and other statistics. Allows users to develop features to manage their Google Ads account
  • MailChimp – The MailChimp API allows developers to experiment with the MailChimp link, which is used to create email campaigns.

Use of Google Ads API

Specifically, the Google Ads API is for developers representing savvy advertisers, where we can include advertising and marketing agencies, agency staff, online marketing professionals, and freelancers in charge of managing and optimizing client GA account campaigns.
Only high-tech advertisers or software developers can afford to work with the GA API. This interface is really flexible and functional, it adapts to your needs.

How to use GA API?

With the API, we can automatically generate keywords, ad text, and other custom reports, as well as integrate GA data with the inventory system for the primary purpose of managing your campaigns. The API is also flexible in that you can choose your own programming language such as: Java, PHP, Python, .NET, PERL, Ruby. It is also unlimited in the ability to develop additional applications to simplify account management.

To start using the API in your Google Ads account, just sign up as a developer and enter your Google Ads account number. You will then have access to the GA API page, where you can set your budget and tokens. A specific token is a combination of letters, numbers, and characters that you can use to communicate with the GA server as well as your clients’ accounts.

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