Broad match modifier

Keyword matching options are parameters that you set for your keywords so that your ads appear on searches according to your needs. These settings determine which search queries trigger your ad. We distinguish between 4 types: broad match, exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier.

What is broad match modifier

This type of match is similar to a broad match, but is more exact. If you choose the broad match modifier, your ads will appear only on those search queries that include keywords marked with a plus sign or their variations. You will mark words that, when they are in the search query, the user is most likely looking for your product. The broad match modifier gives you more control than standard broad match.

How to use broad match modifier

This type of match ensures that your ads show only if the user’s search term includes words you’ve marked with a plus sign. Related variations of the broad match modifier include, for example, misspellings, singular and plural numbers, abbreviations, derivations, synonyms and paraphrases, and keywords with the same meaning.

Examples of the use of the broad match modifier

Google cites keywords + men’s + shoes as an example of using the broad match modifier. The following ads will appear on these searches: sale of men’s shoes, men’s shoes, men’s socks and shoes.

‚ÄúModifiers increase the specificity of your broad-matched keywords and therefore limit their reach. While using the broad match modifier can increase the relevance of queries matching your keywords, it can also reduce your expected traffic.‚ÄĚ

Comparison of match types in the table (according to Google)

Broad match modifier

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