Call to action? What does It mean and how does it work?

Call to action is used to tell your customers, readers, or listeners what you want them to do. For example, you may want them to read your latest blog post, buy from you, or listen to your latest podcast. Your call to action should always depend on your goals, your business, and your audience.

We can give you an example of how a call to action button works. Imagine that you own a fashion e-shop and there is placed an “add to cart button” on your website next to the product. That is your call to action button which is challenging your customers to shop in your e-shop.

You can also send a newsletter to your customers about your new collection you have posted on your website. At the bottom of the newsletter, you can leave a call to action button “buy a new collection”. If you have a blog you can also challenge your readers to read your new blog post.

How to use a call to action button and what to look out for?

1. Use simple and eloquent words

Always try to communicate according to your chosen “tone of voice”. If you talk to your customers in a friendly manner feel free to use that tone of voice in your call to action. Be direct and concise so that the customer understands what you want from him.

2. Be careful with using exclamation

It would be better to avoid them. It does not always have a pleasant effect on customers. Even in everyday life, you don’t like it. If someone commands you, be nice to your customers, they will definitely appreciate it.

3. Creativity and self-check

Don’t be afraid to be creative and don’t forget to “self-check”. Self-check means that you always ask yourself if it would appeal to you and if it suits you. Alternatively, ask a colleague for an opinion before posting.

4. Eye-catching and well visible

Snažte sa robiť call to action ľahko viditeľné a pútavé, čo znamená, že okolo neho by nemali byť ďalšie tlačidlá, aby to vašich zákazníkov nemýlilo, a aby na vašom webe urobili to, čo od nich chcete. Dobre viditeľné nemusí znamenať, že vaše call to action bude výraznou červenou alebo žltou farbou. Upútať pozornosť to síce môže, ale nemusí to vyzerať dobre. Skúste používať iba jednoduchý textový alebo farebný kontrast.

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