Callout Extensions

Description extensions take the form of several short texts to help make your ad a little more prominent. They’re a great way to make sure your ads stand out and receive clicks without having to increase your budget.

They are a complement to any advertisement. They offer a space in your ad where you can see several benefits of your business e.g.:

  • Product features
  • Special offers
  • Information about your company
  • Services offered
  • Features and benefits

In practice, it looks like this: free shipping, gift when shopping, customer line, etc.

However, when creating descriptions, keep in mind that each description must be concise and emphasize what makes your business unique.

Description extensions can appear with your ad on a mobile device or computer. Thanks to them, increase your advertising space in search, which will provide a certain advantage over the competition. When creating, don't forget to optimize your descriptions and track their performance in your ads.


  • With description extensions, you can highlight your business offerings
  • Extensions can help your ad appear in higher positions
  • You can add descriptions at the account ad group or campaign level
  • You can edit individual descriptions in your account without having to edit individual ads
  • You can schedule specific dates or days of the week that your ad descriptions will appear
  • You can add up to ten description extensions to your ad
  • The description text can contain a maximum of 25 characters

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