Conversion types

What conversions are there to measure in Google Ads

Google Ads is a complex platform for advertisers who want to gain some form of conversion. It doesn’t matter if you sell something, you want people to sign up for your newsletter or downloads of an app, you want to measure it. With that, conversions tracking will help you immensely. So what different types of conversions are there?

What are conversions

To understand what can conversions measure, let’s talk a bit about what are conversions. Conversions tracking is vital to your online business. Thanks to it you know how many people bought something from you via an ad, how many people called you via an ad or anything else. There is almost everything you can track on your website.

Conversion types

Different types of conversions

Now that we talked a bit about what exactly are conversions, let’s dive into the different types of conversions. There are:

  • online purchase
  • website tracking
  • app installation
  • phone calls
  • offline conversions

Online purchase

When you buy something online, it is tracked. If you bought it thanks to an ad on Google, there is a chance that it was marked as a conversion in Google Ads or Google Analytics. You can set it up with a help of a programmer or in Google Tag Manager.

Website tracking

Everything you have on your website can be tracked and transformed into conversions as we mentioned before. May it be a button, add to cart, download an e-book or anything else.

App installation

If you have an app on Google Play or iStore, you want to know how many people have downloaded it. It can be measured on any app store or on Google Ads.

Phone calls

Even when we have the Internet and emails, some people prefer phone calls. We can’t blame them, you get everything done so much quicker than in emails and you get an immediate response.

You can measure when people click on a phone number on your ad in Google or on your website so be sure to cover every number you have out there.

Offline conversions

Sometimes you have a campaign running online and someone decides that they want to call you or write you an email and make a purchase that way. However, they did it thanks to your paid ad. If something like this happens, you can add an offline conversion.

You can read about how to import them in this Google guide.

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