You can be familiar with this term. A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website or application completes a specific goal, such as completion of the registration, start your trial, or making a purchase. A conversion occurs when someone changes from a passive visitor to an active, interested visitor or customer.

We have several conversion types, depending on your site’s business’s goals or target:

  • Form completions
  • Email signups
  • Online sales
  • Leads

If you want to track your conversions, conversion rate, or cost per conversion, you need to use conversion tracking. Also, one of the most important things is conversion value.

Why are conversions important?

They are important because they make your business profitable. The best conversion is a sale, but other conversions are important too if they help you find leads and nurture them into paying customers.

You are probably asking yourself why tracking conversions matters. If you track them, you can see a specific report of how your business is doing. After this information, you can adjust your campaigns and see what type of strategy works best for your company.

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