Conversions in BlueWinston

How to count Conversions in BlueWinston?

One of the most important metrics used by PPC specialists is counting Conversions and Conversion value in campaigns. These metrics should be set up in Google Ads, as importing Transactions from Google Analytics, using Google Tag manager or some other suitable ways.

You have two options how to count conversions in BlueWinston PPC tool.

  • Classic Google Ads conversions
  • Advanced BlueWinston conversion calculation

When you choose Classic Google Ads conversion, the BlueWinston tool will take the number of conversions from your Google Ads account, column Conversions.

When you choose Advanced BlueWinston conversion calculation, the number of conversion in BlueWinston and in your Google Ads account can be slightly different. It is because BlueWinston in this case counts also with Assisted conversions.

We know, that nowadays an increasing number of clicks lead not to direct Conversions, but to Assisted conversions. Only rarely a user click on Ad and buys something immediately. Usually, the user comes back another day or another hour.

Such kind of clicks is called assisted Clicks. BlueWinston gives them a big value because with their help your campaigns can be truly successful. This way you can count more precisely conversions that come from BlueWinston campaigns.

Here is formula how we count Conversions + Assisted Conversions, you can also adjust parameters to your needs.
conversions bluewinston

This formula counts with the last click attribution model, which is still used very often in Google Ads accounts. When you are using any other, more sophisticated attribution model, you should choose ‚ÄúClassic Google Ads conversions‚ÄĚ.

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