CRO / Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is an acronym that refers to the process of optimizing a site to increase the likelihood that visitors will take an action, such as a conversion when they visit a website.

We divide conversions into direct and indirect. Direct conversions include the final purchase on the site, as opposed to countless indirect conversions. For example, here are some of them: subscribing to the newsletter, filling in personal details when ordering, adding to the cart, time spent on the site, downloading content from the site and more.

The Conversion Rate (CR) is an important indicator because we can use it to determine the percentage of total page traffic when a particular action is completed. Specifically, it is the share of the number of buyers and all visitors x 100. In practice, this means that the higher the rate of CR, the better, i.e. because the more customers on the site who actually bought, the better.

How do I optimize my conversion rate?

  • Customer path analysis
  • Segmentation of customer
  • Copy optimization
  • Customer feedback
  • Testing
  • Customer path analysis

What metrics should I use to optimize my conversion rate?

  • Quantitative metrics – Analysis of data from larger sites, such as analysis from Google Ads or other analytics tools (Google Analytics), which show a numerical form of user statistics on the site. Example: bounce rating (rate of customers who suddenly left the site)
  • Qualitative metrics – these metrics directly determine specific / personal details about users and customers in the form of online chat, chat, questionnaires on the web.
  • Design, visuals, quality and availability of information – are among the alpha and omega of every single website, which currently significantly influence whether the customer stays on your site or even buys.

If your site looks like it’s from the 90’s, your images are so blurry that you have to wait 15 minutes and you still don’t know if it’s loaded and you don’t even have basic information like contact, delivery, address, social networking link, questionnaire about additional questions, so be glad you’re still working.

Initially, optimize these things before you start measuring audiences through Google Ads and PPC campaigns without basic web functionality.

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