CTR stands for „click-through rate“ and it is one of the most important KPI in PPC advertisements. CTR helps you track the results and performance of your campaigns.

The Click-through rate represents the number of clicks on an ad and the number of impressions of said ad.

The success of your campaign lays in a high click-through rate. It also affects the quality score of your campaign in Google Ads and the amount of money you will pay after someone clicks on your ad on the search result page.

How to calculate click-through rate?

(The total clicks on an ad) / (total impressions) = click-thourgh rate

The final number represents the percentage of users who saw your ad and then proceed to click on it.

What does high CTR mean?

This means high amount of people who saw your ad clicked on it as well.

Why should you watch CTR closely?

CTR is an important KPI in evaluating quality scores with your campaigns.

High quality score improves your position in SERP or it helps is stay on the same position for less money.

What is the ideal CTR?

If you want to reach a high CTR, there is no ultimate guide. Average CRT affects especially what you sell and to whom you are selling.

Is high CTR really a go-to?

Think about this scenario: you have an ad for something you sell. Someone sees your ad and is interested, so they click on it and when they are on the landing page, they find out the ad doesn‘t reflect what they were promised. So they close your webpage. This happens several times and when you check your CTR in Google Ads, CTR is really high and you are happy that your campaign is doing so well.

But in reality, you are paying for something that gives you nothing in return.

Consider this:

  • higher CTR means higher expenses
  • some keywords are very expensive and it is not worth it
  • you pay for each click
  • irrelevant keywords and clicks mean you are wasting money and you are not bringing any value to your business

The goal is not to have the highest CTR at every cost. The important aspect is that you have a high CTR with relevant keywords with the highest conversion rate.

How to reach your dream CTR?

The higher the CTR, the better the quality score. This is one of successes of quality ads and a healthy Google Ads account. So how to achieve tempting and clickable ads?

  • Place higher bids on several keywords. These keywords have good performance and are able to convert a customer to a conversion.
  • Optimize bids on CPC and avoid unnecessarily high CTR.
  • Create keywords groups for better targeting and successful segmentation
  • Don‘t forget about tools and methodology which will link keywords and ad texts with landing page.

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