Daily budget

Daily budget is the amount you set for each ad campaign, which determines how much you want to spend on average each day.

Google uses a daily budget as an average, i.e. does not follow it exactly. If your ad is more popular in some days, Google may spend up to twice your average daily budget. Google Ads will try to reach your overall budget evenly over the course of your campaign, taking into account days with more and less traffic and optimizing your campaign performance. Google will not exceed your daily budget during the calendar month.

The size of the budget depends on many factors and cannot be generalized. It depends on your strategy, products offered, competition, CPC, and monthly budget. And it depends also on the campaign type.

If you have a limited budget and want to make the most of every penny you spend on your ad campaign, your ad may not show as often as you’d like, or it may not show at all.

Your Google Ads account also shows budget recommendations for campaigns that regularly reach an average daily budget but may receive additional clicks and impressions. Use these recommendations to estimate how the new budget can improve the visibility of your ads in each campaign.

For campaigns that are paused in the middle of the month or not running throughout the month, there may be discrepancies between your average daily budgets and your total charges.

Follow 3 basic rules:

  • Make sure your campaigns are not budgeted unnecessarily. Because Google can start running ads very sporadically, which will lead to a drop in impressions and loss of customers.
  • If you find that your campaigns are performing well and converting, don’t be afraid to raise the budget.
  • Regularly optimize your campaigns and pause keywords that are spending your credit and not converting.

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