Exact match type

Keyword matching options are parameters that you set for your keywords so that your ads appear on searches according to your needs. These settings determine which search queries trigger your ad. We distinguish between 4 types: broad match, exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier.

What is the exact match?

If you choose an exact match, this is the least flexible setting. Your ad will appear only for those search queries that contain the exact wording of the keyword or its related variation. Related variations include keywords with the same meaning, reordering of keywords, and adding or removing functional words.

How to use the exact match?

Exact match ensures that your ad is shown only to users who are searching for your exact keywords or related variations. This means that you get relevant customers who are probably most interested in what you offer. With an exact match, you have full control over your search terms. It is indicated by a square bracket.

Examples of the use of exact match

An example of an exact match might be [men’s clothing], so your ad may appear on search queries such as elegant men’s clothing, men’s winter clothing.
Google cites [shoes for men] as an example, so your ad will appear for the search queries shoes men, men shoes, men shoe.

“Exact match is a better option if you know your customers well and want your ad to run with the exact words they’re looking for.”
“We recommend using a combination of two or more keyword match types to run an effective ad campaign. For example, if you use broad and exact match, you’ll reach a wider audience while also targeting exactly who your ad can appear to.”
“With an exact match, you probably won’t get as many impressions, clicks, or conversions as you would with other keyword matching options. However, people who see your ads may be more interested in your product or service.”

Comparison of match types in the table (according to Google)

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