Feed-driven product text ads

What can we imagine as a product feed?

The product XML feed is a basic file that is used in online services. This is most often when advertising products on Google, Facebook or in price comparators. Structured data about all your products is sent to the XML feed. The XML feed is usually in the form of a URL.

What does the structure of an XML feed look like?

The structure of the XML feed is very simple and is based on items and product information. We can then define these in the ad group or campaign, and optionally categorize the products based on the required properties or categories.

Required <tags> in the XML feed:

<productname> // an elementary item for creating ads, especially keywords
<price> // you can, but you don’t have to, display a price in your ads
<url> // product URLs are a must – ads will not run on Google Ads without them
<manufacturer> // required for system operation
<category> // you will be able to filter products and create ads based on categories

A simple XML feed for one product looks like this:

<?xml version=“1.0“ encoding=“UTF-8“ ?>



   <productname>Mobile phone Apple iPhone 11 black</productname>


   <category>Mobile phones</category>





What are the benefits of using an XML feed in product text ads?

  • automation of product campaigns
  • save time and simplify manual work
  • structured data on thousands of products
  • regular updating of data in the feed and in the ad text (prices, product names, discounts, etc.)
  • better CTR and higher conversion

Why is it good to use BlueWinston in this case?

With BlueWinston, you can easily create automated text ads for thousands of products. Ads and keywords are updated daily, so you always provide your customers with the latest information about your products.

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