Google Ads Recommendations

What are Google Ads Recommendations?

Ad recommendations make one whole section of the Google Ads account. They are a tool dedicated to improving your campaigns. With ad recommendations, you can elevate your knowledge about ads higher mainly by adding various options to your campaigning.


Google Ads Recommendations will open up a new chapter about relevant features, budget improvements, keywords, and increase of efficiency and final performance of your campaign.

You won’t be able to see every recommendation, but only those that benefit you. The whole purpose of this tool is to help you personally by creating content only for your eyes.

There is a possibility you won’t be able to see recommendations from time to time, so be sure to check up with Google Ads regularly because it takes time to learn and discover them.

How do Google Ads Recommendations work?

The most important thing for ad recommendations to work are your account’s history, performance, campaign settings, and trends. When this is available to Google Ads, they will regularly discover ads relevant to you and learn from that.

How can the Ad Recommendation page benefit you?

Provided with the information’s above recommendations can aid you with:

  1. Performance estimates based on historical data - Ad recommendations can’t predict the future, so naturally, they are derived from your past search.
  2. Visible improvements without spending a bunch of time - The recommendation page will provide you with fresh suggestions so that you can focus more on decision making rather than conducting your own research.
  3. Make sure your campaigns are fresh - Ad recommendations will take care of your stale keywords and old stagnant bidding.

Available Ad Recommendations

Ads and Extensions

This kind of recommendation helps you define your ads, create new ads, show your best ads more often, and organize your ads into more efficient groups. Extensions mostly maximize the performance of your ads and improve the “click” rates. There are few ways to work with this:

Add ad suggestions - Try fresh versions of your ads.
Add descriptions to your site links - Makes your ads more prominent.
Add a video ad - Reach additional customers on other platforms like YouTube, Google Play, and mobile sites.
Use optimized ad rotation - Automatically show your best ads at auction time.

Automated campaigns

Automated campaign recommendations can clarify your campaign management and help you with performance through automated bidding, targeting, and ad creation. For example:

Create a local campaign - Bring more visits to your business locally.
Create a Smart display campaign - You will pay only for conversions at the CPA you set with help of a Smart Shopping Campaign.

Bidding and Budgets

Do you need to find the right bid strategy to meet your business goal? Don go any further since this kind of recommendation does that for you. On top of that, it can make sure your campaigns are not limited by budget. These are kind of recommendations you want to check:

Adjust your budgets - Get more conversions and maximize your conversions campaigns.
Bid more efficiently with Maximized Clicks - Get more clicks for a similar cost with automated bidding.
Move unused budgets - Get more traffic by moving funds to where they are needed the most.

Keywords and targeting

Optimize your ads by introducing them to this recommendation. It will surely help you get more customers by keeping your keywords shiny. For more info see these recommendations:

Add audiences - Get quality reporting at no extra cost.
Add new keywords - Show your ads more for customers that look for your business offers.
Expand your reach with Google video partners - Start advertising on YouTube to get more customers.
Remove non-serving keywords - Clean up your account to make it more accessible.
Use targeting expansion - Get in touch with more customers at a similar cost per conversion.


Start fixing and rearranging your account with this recommendation. You will see improvements in the overall health and performance of your account in a jiffy. For this kind of help look at those:

Fix certification issues - Your ads can be stopped because of certification problems. Apply for certification so that you are able to show ads.
Fix your ad text - There are ways that ads get disapproved because of editorial issues. By fixing those your ads will start showing.
Review the drop in the items for your feed - Ads may be misbehaving because of missing items. Review your feed and add the missing items.

Ad suggestions

You can choose to apply for ad suggestions since they will in time start surfacing on the recommendation page. Don’t ignore them and just continue in your merry way. Review them, and apply if you wish. They are a variation of your already existing ads that can immensely boost the performance of your search network.

Download the Google Ads mobile application

Start monitoring the performance of your account on your mobile device. This way of working with the platform can give you higher numbers since you can review it all the time.

Proposed changes

Sometimes you will get notified by Google to improve your campaign performance by applying the changes it recommends you. You can review the changes and apply them one by one or just apply all if you agree with them.

Scoring paused campaigns

When the campaign is paused it will continue to be scored:

At the account or MCC level - in the next 7 days the scores will be aggregated and then based on the results of those 7 days. After that, the campaign will be paused and all scores and stats will be reset to zero.

At the campaign level - In the next 7 - 90 days the campaign will be continuously scored since recommendations are based on the data range of 7 - 90 days (mostly the majority is trained in the first 28 days). After that time if the campaign is paused the recommendation won’t surface anymore and will no longer be scored.

Working on recommendations

Track performance

You should definitely hang in there for a bit before you evaluate how the applied recommendations affect your account’s performance. Keep in mind, that an applied recommendation can have positive performance even if your metrics have worsened. This is mainly because of other changes you made, seasonality, and a bunch of other factors.

Apply a recommendation

Applying a recommendation is a child’s play. You just click view on the recommendation you want to use and click apply. There is also a way to add multiple or all recommendations by clicking apply all.

Dismiss recommendations

Only you can know the products and goals the best. If the recommendation doesn’t seem relevant to your ad campaign don't be afraid to dismiss it. You can also dismiss multiple suggestions but you should review them first and dismiss them after.

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