Google Ads

What is Google Ads, and how can you get customers’ attention with Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online tool from Google for managing ads on Google. This tool is provided by Google for free. Google Ads brings you a wide range of advertising services to help you gain a customer and offer them your product when they’re interested. All your advertising campaigns must be based on business goals. Google Ads can help you meet these goals.

What can be your goal?

  • Increasing sales volume
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Getting potential customers
  • Influencing purchasing considerations
  • Awareness building
  • Application promotion

Once you know what goals you want to achieve, you need to keep track of the types of campaigns that Google Ads offers. By their suitable combination and setting, you will be able to fulfill your set goals.

It is also necessary to think about in which phase of the SEE, THINK, DO, CARE model your customers are, and then it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of campaign.

What types of campaigns does Google Ads offer?

1. Search Network campaigns

If you use search campaigns, your ads will appear on Google search results and partner sites such as Youtube. If your keyword is entered into a search engine, your ad will appear. Text ads are used here, which means you need to create appropriate content to reach your customer. If your goal is to increase awareness of your brand and increase sales of your products, a search campaign is optimal for you.

Search Network campaigns

2. Display Network campaigns

The display network is made up of websites and applications that provide a space for advertising. Image ads are the most common, but also text ads. You can notice them on the website in the form of banners. These banners are also displayed based on keywords or interests that match the content on the page.

3. Video campaigns

Video advertising is a great option if you want to reach your audience in an engaging way. You pay for this type of advertising if someone watches your video. If we compare video with TV advertising, you can also reach a wide audience with the video, but at a significantly lower cost. In addition, these video campaigns are flexible and can be optimized as needed.

The video campaign is great because it is a combination of visual and auditory perception. This way you can convey emotional value to your customers through music and animation. The biggest advantage of video campaigns is that you can tell your story. However, you always need to think about the purpose and appropriateness of this type of campaign for your product. If you want to communicate any message or story of your brand a video campaign is a good choice.

Je vždy však potrebné zamyslieť sa nad cieľom a vhodnosti tohto typu kampane pre váš produkt. Ak chcete komunikovať nejaké posolstvo alebo príbeh vašej značky video kampaň je vhodným výberom.

4. Shopping Campaigns

Shopping ads or shopping campaigns appear in search results for text and responsive ads. They are great because they provide the customer with product information before they decide to click on the ad.

Customers can also decide which ad to click on based on your product image. These campaigns will allow you to increase traffic to your site and bring in potential customers. They are displayed in the form of an image, the price of the product, and a link to your site.

Shopping Campaigns

5. App Campaigns

If you need to increase the number of interactions, app downloads, or the number of actions in the app, Google Ads offers an in-app campaign. Setup is very easy, the rest is done automatically.

App Campaigns

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