Google Affiliate location extensions

What are affiliate location extensions?

Let’s say for example you are selling your products and services via retail chains. Affiliate location extensions can aid you to reach more customers while they are deciding where and what to buy. This extensive tool will also help you with finding nearby stores that sell your product so that you can reach new customers.

How do affiliate location extensions work?

It is really easy to understand the work behind affiliate location extensions. Here is the description of how can you win new customers on the search network:

  • 1. Someone is searching for a product on Google Search.

  • 2. Your ads will be shown through your affiliate location extension.

  • 3. The potential customer sees the nearest store that sells your product.
  • 4. The potential customer sees the nearest store that sells your product.

  • 4. On mobile phones, potential customers can get directions to the store.

  • 5. The customer goes to the store and buys the product.

When should you use the Affiliate location extension?

In the situation that you are a manufacturer, who sells products or services through retail chains you should be using this extension. If you want to advertise your own business, you should use location extensions instead.

Difference between location extension and affiliate location extension

The default local extension is mainly used when you want to use your company location in the Google ads. They can consist of an address, phone number, or even a call button. It does the next things for you:

  • Gives the customer distance to your location (mobile)
  • Gives the customer address (PC)
  • Clickable call button.
  • Information like working hours, phone numbers, customer ratings, and location.

Affiliate location extension is a whole different thing, mainly because it shows the retail shops that house your products and not your address alone. We already said how they work but let’s recapitulate:

  • A potential customer searches for a product on Google search.
  • Your add is shown to him/her with information about retail shops.
  • The customer sees the nearest retail shop.
  • The customer heads to the store and buys the product.

Effortless setup

For you to start using Affiliate location extensions you need to go to Google ads and navigate to the extensions page. The next step would be to add a new affiliate location extension at the account level and specify the retail chains where your products are being sold.

Now that you added the affiliate location extensions the retailers that sell your products will become visible in your campaigns and ad groups in your accounts. You can also customize which affiliate location extensions show for campaigns and ad groups.

The difference between default location extensions and affiliate location extensions is that the affiliate location extensions don’t require you to link a Google My Business account.

How can the affiliate location extension help your business?

Most of all the affiliate location extension gives you the possibility of adding additional info into your ads. This way your product has more chance to be sold and you can have greater click-through rates (CTR) and with that improved quality score.

As most of the consumers who perform only local search visit the store in the next 24 hours, it is most important to grab their attention at the right time in the right place.

Instructions about setting up your Affiliate location extensions

Add chain business locations

To add chain business locations in your account you need to follow the next steps:

  • Sign in to Google Ads account
  • Go to ads and extensions on the left side of the page menu and then click extensions
  • Click the plus button and then add affiliate location extension
  • For you to be able to select retail chains on account level you will need to select a relationship type.
  • You can also add auto locations by selecting the auto dealers.
  • Click select retail chains or select auto dealers and follow the prompts to add the locations to your account.
  • Click save and you are done.

Add custom subsets of chain businesses

You can also select customized subsets of business from these chains. To do this follow these instructions to customize locations for affiliate location extensions:

1. Navigate to your campaign or ad group.
2. Click on ads and extensions on the left side of the page and go to extensions.
3. Click the plus button and go to affiliate location extension
– here you can choose to keep all account level affiliate chains, a location group, or even choose no affiliate chains to stop extensions from showing for specific campaigns or ad groups.

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