Google Merchant Multi-client Account

In order to submit feeds to several Merchant accounts and URLs, you may need Google Merchant Multi-client Account. It comes in handy if you own several e-shops, manage several e-shops, or if you are an agency or a feed management company.

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What is Multi-client account

Yes, you have guessed it. A multi-client account (MCA) is an account for several Merchant accounts. It lets you upload feeds to several Merchant accounts so you don’t need to sign out and in every time you want to upload a new feed to a Merchant account. Quite, helpful, isn’t it?

Why should you consider MCA

It is easier and less time consuming for you. It is that simple. You have one account that you can use to upload and/or update feeds. Everything on one place and crystal clear.

How to set up a MCA

First, you have to fill out a form. Enter your information, why do you need MCA and send it to Google for authentication. In order to get MCA, you must have a regular Google Merchant account. After your request has been approved, you can add other accounts under your MCA.

Don’t forget to verify and claim websites

In order for all the accounts under MCA to work properly, you must verify and claim a website. There are several ways to do it, thanks to Search Console, Google Tag Manager or directly through the website. It can be done via MCA or via sub-accounts and their admin.

Just make sure everything is alright and you can advertise all of your products.

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