Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related sites and applications where ads appear. If you’re looking for something on Google or want to shop and you’re looking for the right product, you use the Search Network, where you see results based on the keywords you enter.

What does appear when I enter a keyword on the Search Network?

The first results you will see are ads, which means that among the first will be those e-shops or websites that offer a service that pays for a click on their ad. These ads are always labeled as Ad.

text ads

The order in which ads appear works on the basis of the ad auction, which tells Google which ads to show and in which positions. The position is also influenced by other factors such as quality of ads and landing page, competition in the auction, etc. This means that the principle of action does not work entirely on the “who will offer more” principle.

Your ads can also appear on partner sites in the Google Search Network. These are sites that have partnered with Google to serve ads. Partner sites are used to expand the reach of advertising on the Google Search Network.

Below the ads are displayed organic search results that are not paid but are generated based on the match of keywords with the content of the website and many other factors. Organic results are all not labeled as Ad.

Shopping Ads also appear on the Google Search network. These ad formats we will discuss in types of ads in the Search Network.


Types of Ads in Google Search Network:

Text, dynamic ads

The most common types of ads you can see on the Search Network are text ads. These ads are still labeled as Ad but may display the label Google Ads on the partner sites.

Many times, ads are displayed along with extensions that help us, as a business, specify e.g. our address or telephone number. Extensions provide important information for the customer and facilitate e.g. that the customer does not have to search for a contact.

Shopping Ads

These ads appear as small pictures of the product name, vendor name, and product price. They are located in Google Shopping or may also appear with text ads. They are labeled as Sponsored or Ad. For correct Shopping Ads set up read the following article.

Image and video ads

Search partner sites can host image and video ads.

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