Impressions are simply how often the ads that are displayed are used. Impression is counted everytime when your ad is displayed on Google. They are not action-based and they are defined by the user, who can see the ad. For that, they are ideal for spreading awareness about the brand.

In PPC, the goal is usually to get the best possible return from a limited budget. However, if you have a client whose goal is to dominate the market and make the most profit by spending as much money as possible, you will run into the problem of limiting PPC impressions. Even if you have a higher budget than you can spend, it doesn’t guarantee your ad will be displayed 100% of the time.

Impressions in digital marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, impression tracking is significantly more quantitative compared to offline advertising. On the other hand, impression-based online campaigns can measure impressions specifically and they are usually sold as cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM).

Impressions usually come in two forms: served and viewable.

5 ways to maximize impressions

In addition to increasing your budget, there are other ways you can maximize your impressions, the % of all available impressions for your selected keywords:

1. Ad Quality

It is about Quality Score. It’s about choosing the right keywords, creating detailed ad groups, writing, and testing good ads. Keywords in ads are very helpful.

2. Accelerated ad serving

You’re not guaranteed to get all your impressions if you use the standard impression rate. Acceleration increases the likelihood that you will spend your daily budget every day.

3. Increase your offer

This is one of the factors that improves the position of your ad.

4. Edit keyword match type

Broad keywords generate more impressions than a phrase. Broad keywords are not a significant risk if you use negative keywords. It is also true that a client who wants a dominant position in the market will enjoy an extended free match.

5. Region or placement targeting

While query analysis can make your ads available beyond geo-targeting, geo-targeting is sure to limit the number of impressions. Unlock your targeting, or at least create additional campaigns for additional geographic targets, then optimize them.

Why are my clicks and impressions decreasing?

  • you changed your ad campaign due to a change in products and services
  • your average ad position has dropped
  • your competitors have come up with new ads that are really good
  • seasonality, because no industry is resistant to it
  • change keyword strategy
  • your Google Ads Quality Score has dropped
  • you spent the entire budget too soon

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