Keyword density

What is keyword phrase density and why is it so important to your SEO? In this article, I will try to answer these questions. In addition, we’ll talk about what you can do to improve the keyword density of your content so you get a green ball when you check it out.

What is the density of key phrases?

Keyword Phrase Density is the number of times a keyword phrase is repeated in the text compared to the total content on your page. This means that if your text has 100 words and 5 of them are your keyword phrase, your keyword phrase density is 5%.

Using keyword phrases correctly can increase a page’s visibility in search results (SERPs). If its ignored, it can cause the site to have ranking issues, or it may even be possible to receive a search penalty, which will completely remove it from the SERP.

Why is it important for SEO?

The density of key phrases is important for SEO as Google tries to match a user’s search query to the most relevant website. To link your website to a specific query, Google needs to understand what your site is about. Therefore, you should use your phrase in the text that you would like to rate. This often comes naturally. If you would like to rate the phrase: “we bake vegan pancakes”, you will probably use this phrase regularly throughout the text.

If you repeat your phrase often in the text, it will be uncomfortable for your visitors to read it. You should always avoid this. A high density of keyword phrases is also a signal to Google that you’ve “stuffed” your text with keywords – also known as over-optimization. Because Google likes to show users the best results in terms of both relevance and readability, it can negatively impact your rankings.

What does “Keyword Stuffing” mean?

About 10 years ago, when SEO was still evolving, it became a very popular technique known as “keyword stuffing.” It means that you put as many keywords as possible on the website, which, after all, makes the reader very unnatural and forced.

Keyword Stuffing

At this time, it may seem unusual to us, but in the past, this technique brought great results and the first ranks in Google search. At the time, Google’s algorithms were not sophisticated enough to be able to interpret these keyword-filled pages as what was a cheap “hack” to wrap up the SERP, which usually put these pages very high.

This is no longer the case today. Google uses precise algorithms to penalize all sites that use too many keywords for little content. This means that you should avoid arching the page with keywords, as this can have the exact opposite effect as you would like.

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