KPI is an abbreviation of the English original Key Performance Indicator. They are the key performance indicators or performance indicators. KPI does not mean a goal, but a specific value that is chosen by KPI.

Different KPI´s are used in marketing and they are divided into the groups:

  • Mediumistic KPI´s
  • Brand KPI´s
  • Communication KPI´s
  • Business KPI´s

Setting of KPI for online marketing

  • Firstly, there should be defined tactical goals
  • Establishing of KPI target values
  • Launching a campaign
  • Measuring of KPI
  • Optimizing of the channels
  • Sharing of the results in the team

In addition to the transaction sites for generating contacts for potential clients, the price for the potential client is monitored, sites providing customer support monitor the rate of the search within the site, savings in the call center and the information pages are monitored costs and revenues for a certain number of the page views.
You should focus on measuring the actual return to your online marketing investment.

KPI for PPC and other online advertising

The goals for PPC are similar to those for SEO, however, the partial (process) indicators differ here. If you want to deal with online advertising – sales or branding, you will be mainly interested in the number of conversions, cost per conversion, number of clicks, the price per click, number of views.

KPI for social networks

Social networks usually do not bring transactions. Currently, the measurement of the so-called engagement. For social networks like Facebook, it’s a set of metrics that are usually reported onward, for the other networks they are a bit different metrics.

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