Location Groups

What are location groups

Thanks to location groups, you can easily manage locations in your campaigns in Google Ads interface. In short, location groups are collections of physical business that can be helpful for your campaign. You can use these groups for:

  • local campaigns – campaigns to promote your local business

  • local extensions – the possibility to add your business location so it can show in Google Search, Google Display or video campaigns

  • affiliate location extensions – extensions for third-party business locations that are selling your products

In order to use them, your location extensions and affiliate extensions must be enabled. If you want to use them, you can find a simple guide here.

Location Groups

The advantages of location groups

They are convenient. It is very easy to set them up and to edit them later on. Searching and filtering is very simple with them. They are also reusable. You can use them in a campaign as much as you want.

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