Location targeting

With location targeting, you can target your ad to areas where you can find eligible customers and limit your ad where you can’t find them. This particular type of targeting could increase your return on investment.

For example – you have a beauty salon and you only want to reach customers in your area. In that case, is not good to focus only on keyword targeting. A “beauty salon” can be searched by anyone across the country. It’s true that you can also target your ad to “Berlin Beauty Salon ’, but such targeting narrows your circle of potential customers. Therefore, it’s s advisable to use geographical targeting of advertising in Berlin and the surrounding area.

Without local targeting, your ads would appear in all regions around the world, and your ads could receive clicks from users in regions where you don’t want to advertise.

You may geographically target continents, countries, cities or configure your individual geographic area. This will only show the ad link to users located in a specific area.

location targeting

Levels of ad targeting:

1. Country targeting – Targeting your ads to a country or multiple countries can be a good idea if you provide products and services to those large areas. Targeting entire countries allows you to receive more ad exposure than you would by targeting a few individual cities or regions within a country.

  • A national business serving an entire country / online retailer shipping worldwide / international business selling to several countries

2. Areas within a country – Consider using more precise targeting if your business doesn’t serve all regions or cities, or you’d like to focus your advertising efforts on certain areas within a country. Depending on the country, you can target regions, cities, or postal codes

  • A company that provides services within the local area
  • A company that sells its products in selected regions or cities

3. Radius around a location – Radius targeting (also known as proximity targeting or “Target a radius”) allows you to choose to show your ads to customers within a certain distance from your business, rather than choosing individual cities, regions, or countries.

  • A business that delivers within a selected radius
  • A local business whose customer base is within a radius around the business

When choosing the right location targeting:

  • It is necessary to target where your customers are located / in the area where you deliver the goods.
  • Be careful if you target a small circle, your ads may appear irregularly or not at all.
  • Target the right country languages ​​according to your geographical area.
  • Don’t show ads to people in your excluded areas

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