Longtail, longtail keywords and PPC campaigns

Longtail is a term usually used in SEO or PPC campaigns for longer and less searched keywords.

In PPC campaigns all keywords can be divided into two groups – keywords, which are often searched and keywords, which are searched rarely. Example for often searched keywords is “white t-shirt”. Similar, but longer and much less searched keyword is “white t-shirt mustang mens XL”.

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long tail

Short keywords are searched very often – and there is also highest competition in Google Ads. Usually 1-2 words keywords have also low conversion rate, because user make only a research before buying some product, and search more generic words.

Longer keywords are much less searched keywords and there is also a smaller competition in Google Search. Usually 3-words keywords and longer can be names as “longtail keywords”. Use know what search for and searchterm is much more specific and therefore conversion rate is much higher.

In PPC tool BlueWinston you can very easily create keywords and Ads for every single product and this way you can advertise hundreds – thousands of products. Those keywords can be named as “longtail keywords” (e.g. Apple iPhone 11 pro 256 GB). User is very close to buy some product and know which product would like to buy. And after click on Product Ad on Google Search is user targeted into specific product URL on the eshop.

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