Marketing Automation tools

What does automation actually mean?

Marketing automation is defined as a piece of software that automates marketing activities in some way. The main reason for the increased interest in the use of automation is to save a lot of time. It is mostly used by marketers automating frequently repetitive tasks, which we can divide into 5 levels.

Let’s list the basic degrees of automation to better understand this term:

  • Level 1 = automation performs the function of monitoring, but does not perform an action.

  • Level 2 = simple tasks are automated – these actions are not interconnected.

  • Level 3 = the system can already process several tasks at once and recognize the extent to which they are interconnected.

  • Level 4 = full automation -> the importance of human control.

  • Level 5 = artificial intelligence as such – in addition to observing change and learning, the system can improve and optimize and thus bring better results.

Simplify life by using marketing automation tools.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?
Will automation tools really help you save time and attract new customers?

We can say that the reason marketers are interested in these autom ’automation tools’ is the fact that they can increase sales, awareness or identify potential customers and present them with a gold tray containing what they like 🙂

Of course, the competition is getting more and more, so don’t waste time manually setting up and start using automation, which is the future of the marketing world, at least the one that can be replaced instead of humans.

What tools belong in marketing automation?

These tools include, in particular, social network management tools, e-mailing and newsletters, advertising and campaign creation tools, various PPC tools and the like…

Examples of proven marketing tools:

BlueWinston – a PPC tool for creating PPC campaigns in Google search – a comprehensive solution for managing feeds and creating product campaigns – a tool for optimizing search on the e-shop – a tool for mass creation of product dynamic ads for Facebook

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Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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