Optimize campaigns in Google Ads

If you are using Google Ads for advertising, maybe you are wondering how to optimize your campaigns.

Campaign optimization is really important if you want to achieve as best results possible. There are multiple ways on how to optimize your campaigns. In this article, we will mention some tips for that.

If you want more control, adjust your bid manually

If you are only starting with the advertising on Google Ads, using automatic bidding is the best way to manage your cost-per-click (CPC) bids. Google Ads works on CPC model which means you are paying for the clicks on your ad.

As soon as you get more detailed information on what is working the best for your business, you might want further control of your bids. In that case, you should consider using manual bidding, which can help you to adjust bid amounts for individual keywords or ad groups.

With manual CPC bidding, you can set your maximum CPC bids. For example, if you find that some keywords are more profitable, you can bid even more on those keywords and increase overall performance of that ad.

Google is suggesting to try these:

  • Show your ads on the first page of search results: If you want to increase your chances to show your ads on the first page, you need to make sure your bids meet or exceed the first-page bid estimates. You need also to think about your competition who can invest more in the campaign and show their ads higher than yours.

  • Use bid adjustments: You can also use the bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids. They represent a percentage change in your bids. You can decrease or increase every bid in your campaigns to bid more or less across locations, time of day and devices. For example, if you are selling electronics, you can see from which device you have the most conversions. If you have about 90% from phones and only 10% from tablets, you can turn off ads to be shown on tablets.

Choose the best keywords

We mentioned this several times on our blog. Picking the right and most profitable keywords is the best strategy you can start with.

  • Align keywords with your product titles: As the first step, be sure to include your core products as keywords. With this strategy, people who are looking for a specific product can come to your site and make a conversion.

  • Learn more about research and the buying process: You should try to understand what stage of the buying process a potential customer might be in. If you want to target serious buyers, you should try keywords that include words like “buy” or “purchase”.

  • Use negative keywords: Negative keywords let you filter out clicks that are not much value to you. There are several tools you can use to find negative keywords, for example, Google’s Keyword Planner or our tool BlueWinston, which will add negative keywords by the system according to your language selection and your custom words.

Make your ads more appeal to potential customers

If you want to have successful ads, you need to make them look like that. Here are some tips on how to improve your ads:

  • Make your ad unique: If you want people to click on your ad and not on the ad of your competitor, you need to make them look different. Do not be afraid to use emojis, short descriptions or creative catch-phrases.

  • Highlight the benefits you are offering to your customers: Give your customers more incentive. Offer something special only to your customers, so people would like to become one.

  • Be simple and specific: You can focus only on 1 or 2 selling points for a stronger impact. If you try to pack too many “pros” points in your text ad, your point may get lost.

  • Do not forget for seasons: You can customize your ads to fit the season, for example – Christmas or Black Friday. Thanks to promotions, you can benefit from more conversions.

  • Use ad extensions: If you want your ads to look different, you can also use ad extensions to enhance your ad.


We know how different is to set up the best ads that drive you sales. Thanks to these tips, you can implement improvements to them and get even more customers than usual. Do not forget to improve your landing page, create creative titles or use ad extensions.

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