Performance Planner

Do your Google Ads campaigns have the best possible performance? If yes, we are sure it can be even better. How? With a Performance Planner of course.

performance planner

What is a Performance Planner

It is a Google Ads tool that gives you the opportunity to create plans for your ad spend and how are various changes going to impact your campaign’s performance, hence you can achieve even better results.

There are several things the Performance planner lets you do. For example, the forecasts for your campaigns, find out about outcomes by tinkering with campaign settings, understanding the opportunities you have in seasonal periods and manage budgets.

If you are asking why should you be using Performance planner, here are several benefits:

  • you can see the projected performance for the next month or quarter of your campaign
  • you get useful suggestions to achieve better performance for the same spend
  • learn how will your campaigns’ goals be affected when some setting change

How does a Performance planner work

Google works with an unimaginable amount of information every day. Every time you search for something on Google Search, information about your search goes into Google’s considerations and its metrics and insights.

This way, it can be changed into useful information for marketers and advertisers. Everyone wants their campaign to be as successful as possible. Performance planner helps with this goal.

Once every 24 hours, Performance Planner updates regarding relevant ad auctions from the past 7-10 days and takes into consideration trends in Google Search, Google Display and other Google platforms.

After multiple simulations, Performance planner can give you an output how can your campaign change considering current trends. It uses machine learning so your forecasts can be even precise.

But be careful!

We are living in a time when everything changes very quickly so rather than planning one month or one quarter ahead, plan a week ahead. This way you don’t risk something will change in search trends drastically and your campaign will have a low performance.

When can you use Performance planner

In order to use Performance Planner, there are several requirements you must meet:

Search campaigns:

  • they must use one of those bidding strategies: manual CPC, enhanced CPC, max clicks, max conversions, ROAS or target CPA
  • they must run for at least 72 hours
  • they have received at least 3 clicks in the past 7 days
  • they have received at last one conversion in the past 7 days (if the campaign is focused on conversions)

Shopping campaigns (Smart and Standart Shopping campaigns):

  • they have at least 100 conversions/conversion values in the past 7 days
  • they have at least 10 conversions/conversion values in the last 10 days
  • they have been active for the last 10 days with minimal spend of 10$/day
  • with Standard Shopping ads, they have not been limited by budget in the last 10 days

There are also several campaigns ineligible for Performance Planner. These campaigns are either deleted, in draft or experiment state or have been running less than 10 days with eligible requirements.

What to expect from Performance Planner

According to Google, advertisers are able to drive 43% more conversions thanks to Performance Planner. And that is a worthy number in our opinion. With a set budget, Performance Planner will suggest to you how to distribute it so you can gain the most. You can play with it and end up with CPA 10€ instead of 24€.

Another option that can happen is that even after using Performance Planner, you will not be able to get better results. Why? Because you already manage your campaigns in the best possible way, so keep it up!

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