Phone extensions

Phone extensions are another type of extension from Google that you can use for free. Extensions let you add more information about your business to your ads.

With phone extensions, you can add phone numbers to your ads, which can increase your clickthrough rate. When a user sees your phone extension, they can click on it and then connect directly with your business.

You can add phone numbers at the account, campaign, or ad group level. You choose the one that best suits your Google Ads account structure.

Unlike other extensions, the phone extension gives you a new way to connect with your business right in the search results.

When will the phone extension appear?

Phone extensions are not always displayed. Google typically shows extensions when they are most likely to improve the performance of your ads. Google also has the minimum Ad Rank that your ads must meet in order for extensions to show.

Where can you find ad extensions?

In Google Ads, you can find these ad extensions by clicking on “Ads and Extensions” and then select the “Extensions” subcategory. Click the + icon and then select Call Extensions.

Recommendation in conclusion

If you decide to add a phone extension to your ads, we recommend that you limit your ads to time and day. This will ensure that your ads appear when you are ready to pick up the phone.

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