PLA stands for Product Listing Ads. In Google Shopping, they present an opportunity for eCommerce resellers to get specific audiences that are, in most cases, ready to purchase your service or product.

More precisely, these are paid image ads that serve to engage a potential customer. According to general statistics, PLA ads have 22% more clicks than regular text ads.

PLA ads allow you to see what a product looks like, its price, and the name of the store that sells that product.

After clicking on the image, the user is redirected to the seller’s page where he can find out more information about the product.

What’s the difference between PLA and PPC?

As mentioned, PLAs contain images in search. More commonly, we see text ads that appear on almost every search engine. PLAs require the use of a data feed, which is a list of products with attributes that you sell. PPC, ie text ads, do not need any product feed.

Landing Page vs Data Feed

PPC text ads are created by simply creating an ad on Google Ads and directing the ad to a landing page on your site. PLAs require you to submit a “product feed,” which is a list of your products with associated information such as price, description, product page URL, and product image. They are usually sent via a spreadsheet or an automated third-party tool.

Keyword targeting

Unlike PPC ads, you can’t select the keywords you want to bid on. Ads with product information are displayed in a similar way to organic search results. Google determines if your ad is relevant to the search query. They determine the relevance of your ad based on the direct feed you enter and what keywords are in your product name, description, and categories.

No guarantee

PLAs rely on the grace of Google’s algorithms and their determination of relevance, and therefore their likelihood of appearing in search results. Unlike PPC, in which you can buy a path to search results.

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