Placement exclusions lists

One of the questions advertisers face is how they can manage ad placements on the Google Display Network the best. More specifically than excluding specific websites. As we all know, there are good and bad placements.

When a placement is bad, it can motivate someone to click on your ad, but you will get only clicks without conversion, which will increase your cost-per-clicks (CPAs).

Normally, you need to review your placement report every day and manually rule out bad placements. However, this is time consuming and why not make it easy with Google Ads scripts.

If you spend enough time cleaning this, you know that the most common bad placements are in torrents, free games, and so on. You don’t have to be a professional to know that such a placement is bad for you. Just look at the domain or name.

And that’s why PPC specialists have created scripts to find keywords in the domains and names you want to exclude.

It is important to analyze domains by their performance and quality. In the search query report, it’s easy to analyze a query to determine if to add it as negative. However, we can’t just look at the domain name and understand what the page is all about. This requires actually opening it and analyzing every single placement.

There are great placement exclusion lists for this. This feature, like the negative keyword list, allows you to add all URL, mobile app, or YouTube exclusions to a single list and apply them to multiple campaigns.

You can find and create lists of excluded placements in Tools and Settings> Shared Library.
placement exclusions lists

Once you’ve created your list and used it in your campaigns, it’s a good idea to use the “Upload List” bulk upload feature.

Then go to the list of URLs and placement types you want to exclude. The most common URLs that should be excluded are:

  • YouTube children’s channels
  • Controversial sites
  • Unrelated placements that don’t match your target audience
  • Websites that are not .sk, .cz, .com, .net, .org, etc. (may be spam and which can lead to unnecessary budget loss)

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