Product Campaign

A product campaign is a form of advertising that allows you to promote a specific product. This is a type of campaign where the customer knows exactly what product he is looking for. When a customer clicks on the ad, they will immediately see what they were looking for. These ads can be used, for example, on Facebook or in Google Shopping.

What are product ads for?

Product campaigns are here so that you don’t have to look for a specific product, and after clicking on the ad, instead of the expected product detail, you get to the homepage of the website, where you have to search for it among other products.

At the same time, they can reach the part of the audience that knows exactly what product they are looking for at a low cost per click. This is because specific product names are not as expensive as general terms. The problem arises when there are thousands of products. Creating and managing these ads manually would be very difficult, so there are several tools that can do this for us.

Benefits of product campaigns

  • enable fast advertising management for thousands of products
  • visitors already know the price in advance, so they are more likely to buy after visiting the site
  • a cheaper cost-per-click, as advertising isn’t as competitive as general terms
  • numbers or stock are things that have a positive effect on CTR
  • generally increase clicks and conversions

Be careful about these things

  • you can do anything as long as the goods are not searched
  • errors because you’re working with a lot of data, so shortening your ads may not make sense
  • on availability, products with long delivery times will not be very successful in product campaigns

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