Product Text Ad

What is first you think about when somebody tells you “Product Text Ad”?

It is actually a specific type of PPC advertising (Pay Per Click), which is focused on the specific product that the user is looking for in the search.

What exactly does PPC advertising mean ?

Pay Per Click can be literally translated as Pay Per Click. This type of advertising is a priority in search results. This actually means that it appears among the first just below the search engine and is represented by the description “sponsored”.


As an example of a product advertisement, we will mention a customer who would like to buy Nike Air Max 90 White sneakers. Our customer is looking for this specific type of product and only this particular type of product is interested in purchasing.

He enters the phrase “Nike Air Max 90 White” into the search engine and expects the search engine to find the search results for this product. He will find both Text and Image (Shopping) ads among the first search results. When he clicks on a text ad from, he will see the product the Nike Air Max 90 White.

This type of Product Ad is appropriate because, unlike others (different product types, different brands, different colors, or style), it contains exactly what the customer is looking for. Although he may not buy right away and is very likely to visit several other sites before choosing which e-shop to buy, there is a chance that he will eventually return. And only because he found what he was looking for.

product text ad
We’ve already explained what the term Product Advertising means. We can move on to the form of a text ad, which simply means that the ads for this product will be displayed in the form of Text, ie not in the form of image ads.
In the enclosed image, you may notice both types of ads.

So next time you see this type of ad in search results, you’ll know why it looks the way it does and what you’d expect from it.

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