Promotion Extensions

What are promotion extensions and why should you consider them

There are multiple extensions for your Google Ads. You can easily catch the attention of potential customers with them and raise your CTR for example. Let’s talk about one of them, promotion extension

What is a promotion extension?

With promotion extension, you can tell your audience that you have some special offer they don’t want to miss. It may be a summer sale, mother’s day sale or even Christmas sale. It’s up to you. Google lets you choose from various holidays or events and you can customize them as you wish.

promotion extension

Why you should use them

Your options with promotion extensions are almost endless. You can use them to your advantage and reach your goals faster. You can use them to promote a sale on your e-shop, promotion code you have or anything else, it’s really up to you.

If you are concerned about the price of these extensions, you can add them for free. You pay only if someone clicks on them. When this happens, the price is the same as if someone clicked on any of the headlines.

How to add promotion extension

Go to your Google Ads account and on the left menu choose Ads & Extensions. Click on Extensions, then, click on the plus sign and choose “Promotion extension”. Decide if you want it on the level of a campaign, an ad group or an ad.

Promotion extension creation

In the extension creation, you can go wild! You can choose from several occasions. Some of them are limited by date, for example, Christmas promotion can last from November the 1st to January the 15th. You can check the full list HERE.

How to create promotion extension

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