Shopify extension for XML feed

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most famous online platforms for creating e-shops in the world. Thanks to it, even people without knowledge of programming can create an e-shop.

The purpose of this platform is to simplify the creation and launch of your own e-shop, thanks to a huge number of free and paid templates, you can create an online store in a few hours.

The main advantages of Shopify include the ability to quickly launch an e-shop with integrated tools for marketing, product management, receiving payments, or invoicing.

Main features:

  • Clear and fast administration
  • Import / export (CSV files)
  • Ability to add many more extensions to the e-shop
  • Link to Facebook Store
  • Prefabricated appearance templates
  • Custom template editing

How does it work with BlueWinston?

With the fully automated BlueWinston tool, you can create ads for all or your selected products in minutes. The tool will help you cover both ads in Shopping ads and product-text ads, the creation of which would be manually impossible or extremely lengthy.

With the tool, you can not only very easily automate the creation of ads for the products offered, but also create keywords for each product.

How to create an XML feed for the Shopify platform?

Create it from Shopify products with just one click. The URL to this feed will be created automatically as soon as our extension is installed in Shopify.

For complete instructions on how to install the Shopify extension for BlueWinston, see our article.

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