Sitelink extensions

If you’d like to add additional links to a standard ad created in your Google Ads account, you can create sitelinks. Sitelinks redirect users to specific pages on your site. The main benefit of extending sitelinks is the ad space that you can use to get for your marketing purposes.

You can add sitelinks extensions at the campaign, account, or ad group level. If you're about to link to sub-pages, take a closer look at the keywords and ad groups you've chosen, and think about what might interest the user. By providing additional information along with links, you can increase the relevance of your ads.
In order for sitelinks to appear in your ad, you need to specify at least two sitelink extensions. The number of sitelinks that users see may vary depending on the devices they are currently using to search.

Desktop: Your ad is running on a computer, and you may see six sitelinks.

Mobile: A maximum of eight sitelinks can appear in an ad shown on a mobile device. They appear side by side in the form of a scroll bar. Users can swipe right or left in the scroll bar to view additional sub-page links.

If your ad appears in the top position, your sitelinks may appear in rows, with each row containing only one sitelink.

Rules for sitelinks

  • Sub-page link extensions appear at the bottom and top of the results
  • A maximum of 6 links appear in the ad
  • The link text can be up to 25 characters
  • You can have up to 20 sub-page links in an ad group
  • Links to subpages can be displayed in any order
  • Links can contain 2 lines of descriptions
  • One line of description can have a maximum of 35 characters

Tip in conclusion: Even if you are organizing a one-time event, do not forget about the links to subpages. With advanced settings, you can add the date or specific days of the week on which your links will appear.

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