Tag combination – method for keywords creation

When creating keywords in BlueWinston there are two methods how you can create keywords – truncating method and tag combination method. It is up to you, which method you will use for keywords creation. You have options for editing keywords creation in both of them. Keywords are created for every single product in the campaign. For every product is created single Ad Group, which has keywords and Ads for the product.

Tag combination

Tag combination is a method, where keywords are created by using exact product name from XML feed or as a combination of few tags. You can add your own prefixes or suffixes.

In this case are keywords created from Product name and also as a combination of Manufacturer and Product name.

tag combination

Here we can see how keywords are created using prefixes.

tag prefixes

Usually we use tag combination method for eshops, which sell toners, cartridges, have specific product names and for travel agencies.

For eshops we recommend to use Truncating method, because there are created more suitable keywords. This is epecially true when product names long.

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