Wasted spend

The term “wasted spend” is mainly used in PPC campaigns. Whether it’s Google Ads or another platform, you certainly don’t want to see this term in practice.

This is a credit that has been overdrawn but there have been no conversions. In this case, you need to look at your campaigns to see where the error might be.

How to find wasted spend in Google Ads?

Open your keywords and click on “filter”. Create filter Converted clicks = 0.

You should now see your campaign, which had no converted clicks. That’s where the mistake was.

How to analyze wasted spend in Google Ads?

Focus on high impressions but low clicks first. This may indicate irrelevant search terms because they have high visibility but are not clicked on.

Remember to focus on working campaigns as well. While this campaign may benefit you, it could do more. You need to find out when it is most effective and just let it go, maybe for more credit, and turn it off when it has the worst results.

You also need to examine specific search terms and keywords. It can give you insight into how search terms match a particular keyword, so you can add negative keywords or re-evaluate keyword match types.

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