What is an extension to structured snippets?

This is additional information to the product range. It is possible to name, for example, product brands, product types, models or even customer reviews.

What do structured snippets look like?

Structured snippet extensions appear below text ads as a header, which can contain 10 values. Let’s say an example. For us as BlueWinston, it would be appropriate to put the word “Services” in the header and values ​​such as “Text Ad Creation”, “Smart Shopping Campaign Creation” and “Automate Ad Creation”.

structured sniplets

You need to make sure that you choose the header correctly and fill it well, otherwise it is possible that Google will reject this extension. For example, if you have brands, you have to write brands such as Adidas, Nike, when you have equipment write furniture, internet and in addition to ratings, it is appropriate to do so as you can see in the picture – the number of stars, percentages and votes.

Advantages of structured snippets

  • Your ads will take up more space in search results, so there’s a better chance a potential customer will click on them.
  • They take the place of your competition and you can be different from them.
  • They increase the CTR (clickthrough rate).
  • Google will rank your campaign better, give it the necessary ranking points, and your ad will appear in a better position for the same cost-per-click, or pay a lower cost-per-click for the same position.
  • They are free, resp. only click on the ad is paid.
  • They are easy to edit and it’s a great way to write more about yourself and your business.

A few tips to conclude

  • You will need at least 3 values.
  • Each snippet value has a limit of 25 characters.
  • For mobile phones, it’s best to limit the snippet text to less than 12 characters.
  • Snippet values ​​must comply with Google’s policies.

Structured snippets are still relatively new, but now it is the best time to start using them. Before your competitors do. If nothing else, adopting them soon will give you more data so you will be able to do smarter decisions later.

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