XML feed

XML feed is a basic file, which is used for online services, most often for promoting products on Google, Facebook and on Comparison Shopping Services. In XML feeds are usually sent data of hundreds – thousands of products. XML feed is usually on some URL address, for example www.eshop.com/feed.xml

Simple XML feed for one product:

Mobile phone Apple iPhone 11 black 65.34 Mobile phones

Most important tags in XML feed

<productname> => name of the product
<url> => URL address of product on the eshop
<price> => price of product (with VAT)
<category> => category where the product belongs

<manufacturer> => manufacturer or brand of the product

Advantages of using XML feeds

  • automation of product campaigns
  • simple and easy using feeds in different online services
  • structured data of thousands of products
  • regular updates of data (prices, products, discounts etc)

How to create XML feed?

XML feed can be created in most cases in administration of eshop, eventually you can install some XML feed plugin or modul. After that you can very easily create XML feed. Here you can read more about our plugins for ecommerce platforms Magento and Shopify.

What XML feed can I use for BlueWinston tool?

In PPC tool BlueWinston you can use regular feeds for Google, Facebook and comparison shopping services. BlueWinston is also able to prepare special feeds for Google Merchant and dynamic product remarketing in Google Ads. For editing XML feed, for example to have in a brand new feed only chosen products, you can use DataFeedWatch.com

We recommend to use in XML feeds

=> character data CDATA

<productname><![CDATA[Apple iPhone 11]]></productname>


=> discounts for discounted products:

<discount_percent>34</discount_percent> // how many % user saves
<discount_amount>120</discount_amount> // how much money user saves

More about recommended Product name structure in XML feeds

Where you can use XML feed?

Product XML feed you can use in a various online services (Google, Facebook, Comparison Shopping Services), but every service can demand slightly different feed. So be careful and ask for specification. Most of product XML feeds are usable for BlueWinston tool.

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