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Account manager at BlueWinston & CCS Shopping in EU (I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search)

Campaign replication in BlueWinston – Google to Microsoft Ads

Bing search is growing each year and advertising on it is steadily becoming available in the whole EU. With this said, the time has come for us to implement Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston. Now, you can not only show your ads on Bing search but also on Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. This guide will

How to connect a Microsoft Ads account to BlueWinston

To create a BlueWinston account, you must register your Google Ads account first. Once you have a registered Google Ads account in BlueWinston, you can then add another advertisement channel. At the top right, you can find the icon +Add new channel. Click on it, and then click on Microsoft Advertising.

Interview – How is the BlueWinston PPC tool used in Giftyland.com group?

The brand Giftyland.com have been using BlueWinston for a while now, so we asked their CEO Vainius Zalimas a few questions regarding the functions, usability and much more. Hi Vainius, could you tell us more about your company Giftyland.com and the e-shops you manage? Hi

Interview – Jakub Hudák from Managino agency: What types of customers shop at AutoRicambi?

BlueWinston is a PPC automation tool that marketing agencies use to their advantage and thus they optimize not only default manual campaigns but also automated ones made in the tool itself. In this interview, we will talk about how the Managino agency defined types of customers for e-shop AutoRicambi and

Create a Performance Max campaign with or without assets?

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Performance Max campaigns (abr. P. Max) and the use of assets in them. This is most of all related to the optimization of the P. Max campaigns, especially when you have a limited budget and want to achieve the best possible performance of the campaign.

Switch Smart Shopping campaigns to the Performance Max campaigns now or let Google automatically change them later?

Performance Max campaigns are a brand new and interesting campaign type in Google Ads about which we already wrote a bit. In this follow-up article, we would like to talk more about the transition from Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance max campaigns. A lot of e-shops already have Smart Shopping campaigns with a

How to optimize Performance Max campaigns?

If you created the Performance Max campaign you already know, that there aren’t that many ways to optimize it. Compared to standard Shopping campaigns the Performance Max campaigns don’t have keywords, search terms, or negative keywords. Creating Performance Max in BlueWinston brings a few benefits your way but wherever you create Performance Max

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