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Do even more with the new features in the Google Ads app

Track your campaign information anywhere, even on the go with the Google Ads app. You can easily download it to your smartphone on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. With these new features, you can do even more with the app.

Google Ads makes marketers’ life easier in several ways. In particular, they can track the performance of their campaigns anywhere in the world, even on the go without having to turn on the computer.

In early March 2020, Google introduced three new features to help you do even more with the Google Ads app. Let’s see how do they work.

  1. Prioritize top recommendations

With optimization score, you’ll get recommendations on how to improve your campaign performance right in the app. Important recommendations on account level and campaign level will appear consistently on your account overview screen.

In addition to making it easier to see, you can also prioritize important recommendations, so that they will appear first if they have a significant impact on your ad performance.

  1. Get notifications about the change in optimization score

To get an overview of how your ads are performing, turn on notifications in Settings to get notified when your optimization score changes. You will be informed in real time and hence will be able to use proper recommendations immediately.

  1. Dark mode

With the new update, you can switch the app view to dark mode in Settings. It will be more comfortable for your eyes, especially if you are in a place with low light.

Why should you care?

New features in the app have already delivered results. Irish brand Diesel, which used in-app optimization scores, could effectively manage recommendations right from the smartphone. This allowed them to advertise their products more efficiently, resulting in 30 times more traffic on their site.

In addition to better performance, Google Ads also helps save time. By monitoring ad performance and improving the optimization score, marketing agency AGY47 managed to save up to 2+ hours per week on one account management.

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